If this is your first visit, or if you come here often, welcome!  We invite you to join us in worship, at the 8:45 informal traditional service in the chapel, or in the 10:55 traditional service in the sanctuary.  We have a lot of wonderful ministries and you will find more information about them on the website.  Most of all, we would love to meet you and share with you the ministries of this church and welcome you into our community!  

This church is open for you, no matter what your story is; you are welcome in the name of Jesus.  God pours God's unconditional love upon all!  Our mission statement is to know and share the life-changing love of Jesus Christ.  We are a community firmly grounded in the scriptures, in the creeds, the traditions of The Church, and in our Wesleyan heritage.  

Whatever storms of life may blow, God's grace is with us.

We invite you to join us and sojourn together on the journey God calls us to travel!