• Christian Crossroads (room 210)

50 percent structure - 50 percent free-flow discussion. Relaxed - Low key yet serious. The Christian Crossroads Class is an informal group with no topic off limits (almost).  A typical session will cover the “meat” of the International Lesson and spend the rest of the time in free flow discussion that may or may not stay on the lesson topic.  From time to time we will take a sabbatical from the International lesson and venture forth on interesting books, personages, etc…  Ages of the class members range from “Depression Babies” to “War Babies” but the class takes an equal opportunity approach – making for an interesting assemblage.  Married couples and Singles are welcome.  In addition, we also open our doors to guest speakers.

  • Christian Forum Class (room 211)

Active, congenial, and enthusiastic senior adult men and women, ages unlimited, study the International Lesson Series, with teachers alternating monthly.

  • Contemporary (Room 212)

Our Contemporary Sunday School Class is made up of adult couples and singles with a class membership of about 30.  Our literature is the International Lesson series and selected books by notable Christian authors.  Class members share teaching responsibilities, leading the class in a discussion format; we are not a lecture class.  Occasionally we may have guest teachers for selected topics.  The class enjoys social functions during the year, including dinner night out most months.  Our main project during the year is a fundraiser with proceeds going to Iredell Christian Ministries.

  • Mary and Martha 

This is a women’s class made up of a variety of ages, ranging from the 30’s to 60’s. We meet on the second floor in the education building in room 208.  The name of our class, Mary/Martha came from our very first Bible Study, “Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World.”  Just like the story in the New Testament, Mary sits at the feet of Jesus listening to what he has to say, while Martha is busy with all the preparations for Jesus and his disciples. The women in our class feel we are like Martha with the daily demands in our busy lives, but we strive to be more like Mary to put worship before work.  One of the best parts about our class is that we are all on this faith journey together.  We all meet obstacles that sometimes get in our way of spending quiet time with God.  Through our studies, it is our hope that we can come together and discuss God’s plan for each of us - finding ways to simplify and strengthen our Christian lives.  We welcome new members and encourage you to live day by day as a Mary in a Martha world.

  • New Directions (Room 209)

“Two Catholics and a Bunch of Misfits” We’re a group of various aged adults who enjoy the fellowship of one another, learning from our life experiences and developing stronger Christian beliefs.  Many of us are parents of children of various ages, some of us are not.  Although we enjoy a variety of studies, all are based on Methodist doctrine.  Our diverse backgrounds bring many experiences and intrigue to our discussions.

  • Issues and Answers (Room 207)

For the past year, our class has been working our way through the New Testament, specifically some of the letters.  Most recently, we have been studying 1 John.  In this book, we have learned that believing who Jesus is, obeying his commands, and loving each other are all vital to a church being healthy.

Teaching and learning in a expository manner has been a great experience for us all.  Each week we prayerfully seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit.  Just as the early Christians did, we are constantly searching the scriptures to keep growing in our faith.  Our mission continues to be about living out our faith and sharing it with others.  We do that by knowing Jesus through His word.


  • Middle school class

  • high school class

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  • TODDLERS (AGES 2&3) (ROOM 103)



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